Vampire Masquerade on Sims 3

Now that’s Halloween is getting closer as special feature I’m gonna give some links to vampire stuff to dress up your Sims.

Important: The downloads are completely free and hosted at Mod the Sims 3. You also need to make a free account that will be free of charge and quick. Click here to complete the signup process.

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1.Vampire Gown 

This elegant Gothic gown will give your Vampire simmie the healthy vampire feeling! From the Sim editor itself you can change the colors anyway you want. Download it here. The creator has many other Gothic gowns as well all conversions.

2.A bed for Vampires.

This coffin like bed can be used for sleeping, the classic bloody style.Make sure to not place it near windows where sunlight falls in! It has three recolor-able channels including the platform/stairs you see. Get it here.

3.Bloody face masks

Give your sim a truly meaner vampire face by this CC. Included with the sharp incisors! Mud on soldiers’ faces, drained blood dripping from vampire’s mouth, mugged on street-look, brain eating zombie, random stains after rolling in the mud as the download description say fellas! Find it here.

4.Cat Mobile

I think it’s bat mobile btw. The model above looks like Cat Woman XD  Personally this is one of the best mods ever. Creating vehicles were never easy. The awesome thing about it is that you can have multiple passengers! don’t believe me? click here then.

5. Vampire Career

I think it’s booring without your vampire not earning, he can’t bite all day you know! so employ him to a job! This is a job opportunity for being a Vampire Covenant. You need NRaas Career mod for this to work. Links to NRaas and the original link for the mods can be found here.

6.Monster Pose Pack.

How cool would it be if you can take pictures of your monsters or vampires doing some evil poses. That’s right no further questions the pack is here! I think this pack is awesome for making various banners and videos.

7.The Vampire Crypt.

This was a champion download! A cozy and a creepy cryptic home for your Vampire simmies. However the downside is that you need World Adventures for it. Anyways get it free from here.

8.Vampire Neighborhood?? 

Woah! Interesting huh? This is actually a lot. It’s a castle and man it even features a courtyard! It even has Blood Pools! whatever that is.. I suggest you try it out and let me know. It’s fully furnished and will give out a new experience. You need two expansions Ambitions and World Adventures. Enough said get it here.

Skyline Apartments from Vampire Masquerade!

Vampire Masquerade is a very popular game. If you wanna chill out in an apartment that is actually a remodeled one from the game here’s your chance. You need no expansions for this, no fees. However you need some extra custom content stuff to fully furnish it. They are free as well. Get the downloads here.

Important: Here ends my treats for Halloween! The content belong to their own creators from Mod the Sims. If you don’t know how to install custom content you can find their full guide here. When you read the description of the mod by clicking the link from above  first and then download. There could be mods associated with them to make them properly run.

Happy Halloween!

Top 16 Mods For Sims 3

There are some mods that are so cool, that you never knew that they existed. I will be giving you some links for these mods, courtesy of Mod the Sims, which hosts plenty of downloads, all for free!

This page will cover game mods. Enjoy!

READ ME: Installing mods is quick and easy. But there’s a specific method to do it. It’s also something that every simmer should learn. I made an extensive newbie guide with screen shots for installing mods for sims 3 you can view it here

Important Notice: Please Disable the adblocker before downloading the mods- otherwise you will not be able to download.
Thanks 🙂


Pose Player

This mod is actually useful tool for you to create your own sim movies. The pose player enables your sim to pose according to your wishes. This will be in your buy/build mode in the decorations section after you install it. Place it anuwhere on the lot. Select a sim and then click on the object and any pose you like!

Posing Sim

Tagged Plants

Wondered if the plans can talk? It will say that it needs water, weeding, fertilizer. All the basic info you need to cover your gardening fantasies. It also says what kind of a plant it is!

Hospital Overhaul Mod

The hospital overhaul mod is one of those mods where the simmers are trying to find it all over the internet because the creator has closed off his site. But fortunately it’s available. With this mod you could make sims commit assisted suicide or make them become a surrogate mother. It has alien sperm implantation, sperm or egg donation and surgery for sex reassignment. Oh and if you’re ever wondering if your pregnant sim is having a boy or a girl- this mod has ultrasound services to determine it.



Same Sex Marriage

As the title says, this mod enables you to control your sims to have cheesy romantic relationships for the same sex. Also as the author says it only works with the latest patch 1.55

Death Note : The Book that Kills

Inspired by the popular Japanese animation called Death Note, Users get the chance to use a book that can kill any sim. You simply find the book, (only teens and children!) write the name of the person you want to kill, and you can even specify the cause of death!

Vampire powers!

Needs Sims 3 Supernatural to work! Your vampires will have the ability to teleport and hypnotize!

No More Zombies

Yeah at full moon., zombies invade your garden and ruins all your plants. This mod will stop it for the better goodness.

Cigarette Smoking

Lets your sim smoke cigarettes. Remember cigarettes are bad for you not only for your sim!


This mod is till on the testing level, still you can try it out on big lots and house holds.


Get a Gardener to maintain your garden.

Abortion Clinic

The hospital overhaul mod seems to provide everything but it does not give a chance for sims 3 to perform abortions. Introducing the new abortion clinic where, at a fee of 2000$-5000$ your sim can have an abortion. Try to save your babies as abortions are expensive! btw this also includes pet abortions which i don’t support -_-

Oh and if your interested in natural miscarriages, check out my Top 10 Realistic Mods for Sims 3

No Mosaic 

You know when your sim takes a shower or when they poop, a mosaic tile hides their privates. This mod disables this.

Santa in Town!

Get Santa in your town! i wonder if he actually delivers presents though!

Disasters and Blessings

Ever wanted to turn your hatred into godlike powers? With this mod you could icify a sim and be Zeus and lightning struck a sim. You can summon showers of meteors or play the cupid and make sims fall in love.


A sim turned into ice



Ever wanted your sims to be that mafia, a murderer maybe? with this mod your sims can use guns and actually shoot!

Demonic Powers

Personal fave here since I’m a fan of horror movies. So basically you can bite your sim to death. Burn them and use telekinetic powers on sims and kill them. It’s great mod if you’re making a horror movie with your sims or if you just need a bit creative method to finish them off. *snicker*

The Twerking Mod 

It was about time that twerking must be introduced to Sims 3. With this handy mod your simmies will be able to twerk their way off the dance floor!


Statue of Venus

Venus is supposed to be the god of love. With this statue you can impregnate and resurrect your sims from the dead.

Dexter The Killer

Dexter is a serial killer , which can dispose your sims at your command. Let the psychopath slash/stab a sim with a hammer or poker.

Lightning Mod

Lightning mods enable your game to display much natural atmosphere and weather making gameplay refreshing and beautiful.

Bonus- Mods for Sims 4!