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You will be visiting the naughty and sexy side of sims 3 in a couple of minutes however by clicking the link below

**you agree that you are 18+ or older to view those content and none of our team or co-operation bear any responsibility to any consequences that would happen to you. 

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The link below will give you an extensive walkthrough on how to install sex related mods for Sims 3. Please note that Sims 3 is a user friendly game and i own nothing but the sex mods belong to their owners.

Sims 4 fixes -EA’s new round of glitches and bugs

Hey all! No post has been written for a long time right? Sorry about that i shouldn’t be forgiven lol 

Some of you must be enjoying Sims 4 by now- it’s just the base game and we’ll be expecting more expansions from EA

Check out those smexy V-necks for Sims 3 by clicking on the image!

Already EA has released a patch and bug fixes– and we’ll be repeating the same old cycle from Sims 3 errors in this game too i guess. Well on the contary i’m not that surpsrised that it has issues already *sigh* 

Anyways happy to say that we at the team of Sims3fixes we’ll be making a blog for Sims 4 XD

We’ll be featuring articles on how to solve those wimpy crashes and bugs and also would give you titbits about new cool mods for Sims 4. So look forward to it everyone!

The link to Sims4fixes blog will be here on this site.

So make sure you hit that follow button on the right pane. 


Emilia Clarke(game of thrones gal) from MOD the sims 3

Happy Simming!


Sims 4 incoming!

As the day dawned on May 6 2013, it reached thousands of dying fans of the new installment regarding The Sims. But the question is, when will it be released. Fans have speculated various theories and such regarding the “date”

1.September 16th 2014

What most people speculate it to be. Wikipedia stated that it’s due to release in 2014. That’s what the foreground of the news was, but it’s seems that won’t be happening and oh some say it’s in November or December too. Initially it seems that it’s more destined to be released in the Fall season.  It’s already 2014 is this gonna be a surprise?

2.In 2015

The saddest and the unfortunate date of all 😦 A fan’s  Sims 4 facebook page announced that it would be released in 2015. Well if it’s taking two years we seriously need some good features and a more glitch-free game.


So what are we gonna see in this new installment?

Fans have apparently suggested cool stuff to make the game more realistic. Some of them are

  • Wedding Reception Halls
  • Greedy traits
  • Piercings
  • Difficulty Settings

However what we gonna expect will be something else, The usual Bulid a sim mode will be more fun and creative and you can share your creations.

  1. The sims will be able to multitask such as strolling and talking at the same time.
  2. There will be open restaurants?
  3. The simmies are said to be more expressive and have more emotional depth.
  4. You’ll be able to change their walking style.
  5. No sliders for changing their bodies, push and pull effect.
  6. The eyes are more detailed.
  7. Picking up rooms instead of demolishing the layout.
  8. Voodoo magic? :O and ROCkets??

Detailed eyes.

Hopefully they will be able to give us a more creative experience, in the meantime. make sure you have seen the Sims 4 trailer :

The arrival trailer is super cool too! ^^ :


It’s Christmas time!!

It’s Christmas time!

Aaaand it’s that time of the year again! ^ ^  Hope your enjoying all the festivities and the food! As a special for Christmas here’s my list for your simmies!

Important Notice: Please Disable the adblocker before downloading the mods- otherwise you will not be able to download.
Thanks 🙂

1.Santa’s Sleigh

Time for Santa to give away all those presents! This sleigh is a featured download on Mod the sims, and it’ s free.  Notice that he still does not give away presents, but with Sims 3 Seasons you may change that 😉 It works better with the pet’s expansion, and originally has 6 reindeer’s. Find it here

2.Santa’s mansion!

It’s santa’s mansion/house whatever you may call it, a beautiful castle designed to suit the festivities. It includes a Santa office and his workshop too! Some of the content are downloaded free from the EA store to decorate the house, but don’t worry click here  and look at the description. it has the links for them as well.

3.Christmas Patterns!

Let’s say those awesome Mistletoe and Sugar cane patterns can be used on your walls as well! You can basically use them to dye everything christmassy!  you can get them here 

4.The Christmas Wall hangers!

These Christmas wall hangers will put your simmies into more holiday spirits. Includes 7 different portraits to decorate your walls! get them here

5. The Christmas Buffet!

Now this should be featured, let your sims enjoy a buffet with that so called holiday mood, i think it would be awesome that, they get up one morning and their table laid with goodies such as the yule log and Christmas cookies! yummy! Get your free buffet here

6. The Christmas tree and other goodies!

No Christmas is completed without the glamorous and elegant tree! Now this download can be found from the Sims 3 EA store for free, absolutely free. All you have to do is register for a free Sims 3 EA account here. and then download the stuff then. Oh and you also get a Snowman globe, festive lights,St Nick costume with his hat and a Kwanzaa portrait all free of charge! get ’em here folks!

And here ends the Christmas special goodies for 2013. As usual folks, all these items belongs to their respective owners, i take no credit. You can give them your holiday blessings for creating such awesome stuff to enjoy the hols’.

Note: that some of the downloads are in the package format whilst others should be installed. If you are fairly new to installing stuff you can check out a step by step guide from Mod the sims 3.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year folks!!  

Happy Simming!

Vampire Masquerade on Sims 3

Now that’s Halloween is getting closer as special feature I’m gonna give some links to vampire stuff to dress up your Sims.

Important: The downloads are completely free and hosted at Mod the Sims 3. You also need to make a free account that will be free of charge and quick. Click here to complete the signup process.

These content belong to their owners. You can help them by saying thanks to them 😀

Important Notice: Please Disable the adblocker before downloading the mods- otherwise you will not be able to download.
Thanks 🙂

1.Vampire Gown 

This elegant Gothic gown will give your Vampire simmie the healthy vampire feeling! From the Sim editor itself you can change the colors anyway you want. Download it here. The creator has many other Gothic gowns as well all conversions.

2.A bed for Vampires.

This coffin like bed can be used for sleeping, the classic bloody style.Make sure to not place it near windows where sunlight falls in! It has three recolor-able channels including the platform/stairs you see. Get it here.

3.Bloody face masks

Give your sim a truly meaner vampire face by this CC. Included with the sharp incisors! Mud on soldiers’ faces, drained blood dripping from vampire’s mouth, mugged on street-look, brain eating zombie, random stains after rolling in the mud as the download description say fellas! Find it here.

4.Cat Mobile

I think it’s bat mobile btw. The model above looks like Cat Woman XD  Personally this is one of the best mods ever. Creating vehicles were never easy. The awesome thing about it is that you can have multiple passengers! don’t believe me? click here then.

5. Vampire Career

I think it’s booring without your vampire not earning, he can’t bite all day you know! so employ him to a job! This is a job opportunity for being a Vampire Covenant. You need NRaas Career mod for this to work. Links to NRaas and the original link for the mods can be found here.

6.Monster Pose Pack.

How cool would it be if you can take pictures of your monsters or vampires doing some evil poses. That’s right no further questions the pack is here! I think this pack is awesome for making various banners and videos.

7.The Vampire Crypt.

This was a champion download! A cozy and a creepy cryptic home for your Vampire simmies. However the downside is that you need World Adventures for it. Anyways get it free from here.

8.Vampire Neighborhood?? 

Woah! Interesting huh? This is actually a lot. It’s a castle and man it even features a courtyard! It even has Blood Pools! whatever that is.. I suggest you try it out and let me know. It’s fully furnished and will give out a new experience. You need two expansions Ambitions and World Adventures. Enough said get it here.

Skyline Apartments from Vampire Masquerade!

Vampire Masquerade is a very popular game. If you wanna chill out in an apartment that is actually a remodeled one from the game here’s your chance. You need no expansions for this, no fees. However you need some extra custom content stuff to fully furnish it. They are free as well. Get the downloads here.

Important: Here ends my treats for Halloween! The content belong to their own creators from Mod the Sims. If you don’t know how to install custom content you can find their full guide here. When you read the description of the mod by clicking the link from above  first and then download. There could be mods associated with them to make them properly run.

Happy Halloween!

Expansions crashe.


As usual when our favorite crash error kicks in, there could be hundred possible solutions. having too many expansions and less RAM can cause faulty as well.

Anyways, there was this one time where this ridiculous crashing to desktop thingy happened to me and i did every possible solution to fix it but no avail 😦

So what i did was to, Install the base game and then install expansions one by one and check if it’s working.

In short:

Install base game.

Install Sims 3 Ambitions

Play the game.

Game runs fine?

Install another expansion

Check again

So if you can find the faulty expansion, you can contact for EA support. Another thing is to update the game properly, what most users don’t know is that when you install an expansion you should check for updates related to the expansion and install it. The Sims 3 Launcher does this automatically.

Some users say that you should install the expansions in an order. Did you note when you are installing an expansion in the setup procedure it asks to update the game version? Well i guess that has something to do with this order thingy.

Finding the order of the games is very easy. Go to the Launcher and you see the games in little icons on the bottom right. The order is from left to right. Try installing in that irder and check if it works.


Happy Simming!

How to have a boy in Sims 3

If you are especially playing the legacy family it’s important to determine the gender of your next heir. In this post i’ll tell you a simple trick which will help you to have a boy for your pregnant sim.


1.Your female sim should be pregnant and not close to give birth.

2.Go to your town mode, and click on the grocery icon and do shopping.

3.In the fruits section buy at least 20 apples.

4.Let the pregnant sim eat them! eat eat all of them!

5.Have your bubbly baby boy!

Note: It’s apples for boys and melons for girls.

Happy Simming!