Must Have Gorgeous Sims 3 Houses and Villas

I want my sims to live in a paradise- even though I’m not that talented on decorating and stuff- fans have made countless living spaces for sims to enjoy their life. I’m not talking about some bogus boring houses- some of them are very unique and creative and most importantly they are free.

I’ve just checked about a 100 downloads to find these unique lots- it gets your mouth open with some of this- I mean a moonbase(it’s true!) O.o

Remember! You might need certain stuff packs or expansions to get these mods to work!

Important Notice: Please Disable the adblocker before downloading the mods- otherwise you will not be able to download.
Thanks 🙂


**Click on the Images to Download.

GTA V Singleton Club

Gta V is a popular game and  this club like thingy is the most popular thingy ever since EA never made us to access the club in game but now in Sims 3 you can!

Traditional Farm House

I remember downloading this back in the day and it really do make you think of the cows and chickens back at home. It includes a fireplace to warm things up and some large bedroom with space to mingle. And a barn with some hay on the front- where you can keep your horses if you have Sims 3 pets. This well suitable for a large family with lots of kids if you get what i mean lol.

Bohemia- Caravan

I personally really love this one. I mean who wouldn’t love to live in a caravan alongside with a beautiful garden to spice things up? So you get nto a single caravan but 4 of them which has a double bedroom and a bathroom and if your family keeps growing you will always have space to keep the children without using bunkbeds.

Wavera: Pool and Cafe

So this luxiourious establishment costs you about a million dollars in real life- but it does costs you about 200 000 simoleons in the game(duh) Equipped with elevators that you could use this one is more cooler to host a pool party and have a blast.

Mermaids Home: Siren’s Shelter

This was a picked download on and a total like literally, a total must have. You must have the island paradise expansion to get this one to work since it’s all about islands and stuff. This lot can only be placed on an island and not on land but seriously it looks so wonderful I mean look at the inside!-

it looks so underwatery and feels like we’re in a Little Mermaid Movie!

East Asian Chinese Wonder : The Dancing Dragon

So if you have the The World Adventures expansion pack this one is for you. I bet you’ll need to go into the lot mode in China to keep this one on a terrain. It’s an ancient shrine and is totally beautiful at night. One look at the rooms get you into that Chinese shoes of visiting a real sacred place.

The Curve

I like this one beacause of it’s stylishly white walls and architecture. It literally feels very sophisticated. This lot can be placed on a hillside looking over the ocean and it feels like a miami beach house! There’s a big lawn , a media room(a large one) a tiny pond so you can fish and game room to fulfill all your sims’s fantasies!

Bag End- A Hobbit’s Dream

So if you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, like I am this one is probably the best house mod you could find. Featuring Frodo Baggin’s one and only cozy hobbit hole in Sims 3.

I personally would like to congratulate the modder for doing this- because getting those doors done might be a nightmare!

Warehouse Lofts

This fits you if you’re the mayor or the president *snicker* Two lounge areas/Kitchen/Living Room/Studio Area/Dining Room/Office/Balcony and Pool- yep it’s fit to live for a king.

The inside looks pretty gorgeous and vintage like. And finally we have more space for parties!


Light House Point

Now this one is pretty well thought and creative. Ever wanted to make your sims live beside the ocean in a lonely lighthouse, making out while gazing at the sunset surrounded by wooden floorboards and what’s not? If the answer is yes, this is your chance!


This has a single bedroom and a bathroom with a study i believe. For the creepy side of it the creator had hidden some graves around the lot of two newlyweds who stayed at the light house- get ready to get spooked!

Dinky Dwellings : A Bridge

Yes people! this is exactly what Sims 3 needed as a lot. Many years ago before the mayor came to town Sunset Valley there was this building/park(idc) where everyone used to have one. But, now it’s all collapsed and secret agents stay there to continue their investigations.(jk)

So you could live below underground under this bridge and live your life as a private investigator or a homeless person- your choice!

Sim State Prison

This is a really big Community(not house!) lot- so if you gonna download it be warned you’ll need a  lot of RAM probably more than the usual 4GB perhaps a 16GB with a very good graphics card.

This is where the wrongdoers end up in Sims 3- It has a gym and dirty dingy toilets and a cafetaria area for the naughty prisoners.

Sky Tower

Ever seen that movie “Oblivion”, No? Well I haven’t either. However it inspired the modder to create this wonderful lot above in the beautiful sky.


Two single bedrooms and 1 bathroom plus some awesome view- you could literally see the ground down below as you chill around your personal sky tower absorbed in that futuristic feeling.

Serenity – Beach House

Hey this article wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful beach house. This is no simple beachhouse but a luxorious one at that!


With a Master bedroom and kitchen/game room/study/dressing room and two pools- “Serenity” brings you the utmost bliss while relaxing in the beach.


Unfotunately this isn’t exactly on the moon but on a planet named “Bellatrix” but you could add it on your neighborhood without a prob.

This has 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, kitche,lounge,greenhouse,dressing room and 2 labs. And this green creepy bathroom lol-it’s so cool. You just need some aliens to get this house full and “mooning”!


Sims 4 fixes -EA’s new round of glitches and bugs

Hey all! No post has been written for a long time right? Sorry about that i shouldn’t be forgiven lol 

Some of you must be enjoying Sims 4 by now- it’s just the base game and we’ll be expecting more expansions from EA

Check out those smexy V-necks for Sims 3 by clicking on the image!

Already EA has released a patch and bug fixes– and we’ll be repeating the same old cycle from Sims 3 errors in this game too i guess. Well on the contary i’m not that surpsrised that it has issues already *sigh* 

Anyways happy to say that we at the team of Sims3fixes we’ll be making a blog for Sims 4 XD

We’ll be featuring articles on how to solve those wimpy crashes and bugs and also would give you titbits about new cool mods for Sims 4. So look forward to it everyone!

The link to Sims4fixes blog will be here on this site.

So make sure you hit that follow button on the right pane. 


Emilia Clarke(game of thrones gal) from MOD the sims 3

Happy Simming!


Sims 4 incoming!

As the day dawned on May 6 2013, it reached thousands of dying fans of the new installment regarding The Sims. But the question is, when will it be released. Fans have speculated various theories and such regarding the “date”

1.September 16th 2014

What most people speculate it to be. Wikipedia stated that it’s due to release in 2014. That’s what the foreground of the news was, but it’s seems that won’t be happening and oh some say it’s in November or December too. Initially it seems that it’s more destined to be released in the Fall season.  It’s already 2014 is this gonna be a surprise?

2.In 2015

The saddest and the unfortunate date of all 😦 A fan’s  Sims 4 facebook page announced that it would be released in 2015. Well if it’s taking two years we seriously need some good features and a more glitch-free game.


So what are we gonna see in this new installment?

Fans have apparently suggested cool stuff to make the game more realistic. Some of them are

  • Wedding Reception Halls
  • Greedy traits
  • Piercings
  • Difficulty Settings

However what we gonna expect will be something else, The usual Bulid a sim mode will be more fun and creative and you can share your creations.

  1. The sims will be able to multitask such as strolling and talking at the same time.
  2. There will be open restaurants?
  3. The simmies are said to be more expressive and have more emotional depth.
  4. You’ll be able to change their walking style.
  5. No sliders for changing their bodies, push and pull effect.
  6. The eyes are more detailed.
  7. Picking up rooms instead of demolishing the layout.
  8. Voodoo magic? :O and ROCkets??

Detailed eyes.

Hopefully they will be able to give us a more creative experience, in the meantime. make sure you have seen the Sims 4 trailer :

The arrival trailer is super cool too! ^^ :


Expansions crashe.


As usual when our favorite crash error kicks in, there could be hundred possible solutions. having too many expansions and less RAM can cause faulty as well.

Anyways, there was this one time where this ridiculous crashing to desktop thingy happened to me and i did every possible solution to fix it but no avail 😦

So what i did was to, Install the base game and then install expansions one by one and check if it’s working.

In short:

Install base game.

Install Sims 3 Ambitions

Play the game.

Game runs fine?

Install another expansion

Check again

So if you can find the faulty expansion, you can contact for EA support. Another thing is to update the game properly, what most users don’t know is that when you install an expansion you should check for updates related to the expansion and install it. The Sims 3 Launcher does this automatically.

Some users say that you should install the expansions in an order. Did you note when you are installing an expansion in the setup procedure it asks to update the game version? Well i guess that has something to do with this order thingy.

Finding the order of the games is very easy. Go to the Launcher and you see the games in little icons on the bottom right. The order is from left to right. Try installing in that irder and check if it works.


Happy Simming!

Saving Error Codes 12 and 13

This error is said to be consistent and depressing as you play 3/4 hrs of game play. It’s what it feels to loose all your game play when you can’t save. There are actually ways to solve this.

The Patch 

Developers verified it’s game related issue and made a patch to resolve it. Find it here. Note that this specially common with the World Adventures expansion.

Insufficient Memory.

I made a post about tweaking the memory for the game, find it here.


Nrras’s mode which traps errors may work too.

Editing Saves Live

Mod the sims made a guide to this.

Nothing works 😦

Too bad. You can go to Edit town mode, click on your household icon (the home icon) and evict it. After island paradise expansion you can move your family to a new town by a phone call. Or use Nraas Porter mod to move the household.

Sims 3 crashing to desktop

Every simmer hates this, i hate it. Well here’s some things you can do to prevent it. Now for the reasons for this can be many.

  1. System Requirements Fail
  2. Custom Content Incompatibility
  3. Memory Problems
  4. Data Execution Prevention
  5. Disk Space
  6. Mods
  7. Graphic Cards
  8. Custom Content Corruption.
  9. Compatibility Platform

Now before doing anything you need to backup your saves.

Let’s continue.

System Requirements Fail and CC incompatibility is covered and can be read from the blog itself. So i’m going to explain 3,4,5 and 6.

Memory Problems

Sims 3 needs 3GB Minimum RAM to work. If you have less than 3GB you need to get more RAM.

If you have 3GB  or more please follow the step by step walkthrough on how to do so. This is how this works, let’s say you have 8GB RAM but for your game the system will not use whole 8GB. So the fix below will assign a decent amount of more memory to your game. Make sure you don’t run any background applications when playing the game after this. Click on the memory guide for more info.

Also some people have luck increasing their Virtual Memory- this is something that shouldn’t be attempted. Some people classify it to be safe, there’s a microsoft article giving you the instructions on how to do that.

Ultimately Increasing UserVA worked for me, but you need to Have 4GB of memory or higher. This is because Sims 3 is originally set to run with 2GB maximum so when you reach beyond that limit the game will crash. So doing this enables the game to use more than 2GB but is very risky.

The best thing you can do is to get more memory for the PC or laptop. Setting UserVA and increasing virtual memory is like playing with your RAM which I do not recommend in anyway.

Thus i am not going to hand out links on how to do this.

Memory Guide

Data Execution Prevention

Another great tweak, refer to Mod the sims link for a complete guide.

You should know that TS3W.exe should be added and all the game expansion executable s too.

Disk Space

Your saves directory is generally and almost always is in C NTFS (in my documents) So don’t place all your latest downloads and install games into the C:// directory. Free more space. by emptying recycle bin, moving folders to other drives or compress folders.


Sims 3 is officially designed for Windows XP. So it can cause some crashes with Vista and Windows 7. Remember to always run your game as administrator. And change the compatibility levels to Windows XP here’s how.

1.Right click TS3W.exe>Properties>Shortcut Tab>Advanced> check Run as administrator

2.Right click TS3W.exe>Properties>Compatibility>Run this program in compatibility mode for>Choose WIN XP from the drop down list.


There are some mods you can use to battle this error- hopefully it might work. If you don’t know what a mod is click here. All mods are done by Tawallan or Nrras(are they the same person? :O

Master controller: Used this to disable memories which might stop the crashing.

Porter: Moving your family to a new neighbourhood might stop the crashing. Use this one to move your family while keeping all the relationships of co-workers or friends.

Overwatch: This one can reduce the game file size by deleting unnecessary elements of the game like gnomes/useless gnomes/cars thus making it more less likely to crash.

Saver: Prompts you to save in cycles- so even if it does crash you have saved right?

Graphics Card

If you’re a decent gamer you usually get a good graphics card, however Sims 3 is not designed to run with the latest Graphic cards being Nvidia or any other brand that is probably the very latest so follow this Wiki article to find out how to make your game recognize your Card.

Custom Content

CC’s are also a cause of crashing- especially if you have so many content and expansions. An outdated CC which is not compatible with the game version(usually the patched version) or CC which are corrupt might crash the game.

Diagnose your error.

As there are many type of errors, there’s a useful tool called The Sims 3 Crash Log Analyzer for finding what type of an error you have. It eventually lets you know of the fixes after diagnosing.