20 Beautiful Sims 3 Bedroom Sets and Ideas

I was searching the internet for a while for some really interesting and beautiful bedroom ideas for Sims 3. It took me a while but I hope these mods would satisfy your Sims 3 cravings. It is necessary to say that the bed room sets and bed room clutter are completely free for download and sometimes comes as a separate or a complete set.

Click on Images to Download

Pera Bedroom

It’s the real deal here. This is one of the most exotic bedrooms I have ever seen. It’s complete with all of the items in the list below:

  • All objects are recolorable- Pera Wardrobe
    – Pera Chest of Drawers
    – Pera End Table
    – Pera Mirror
    – Pera Bed
    – Pera Bed Blanket
    – Pera Bed Pillows
    – Pera Rug
    – Pera Vase Striped
    – Pera Vase Striped Cutting
    – Pera Table Lamp
    – Pera Ceiling Lamp

Scandinavian Bedroom

This bedroom is a real dream and is perfect for a Sim holiday home in my opinion. I love how the lights are positioned and the cute end tables and the random empty picture frames.

  • Set contains:
    – Bed
    – End Table
    – Bed Bench
    – Living Chair
    – Ceiling Lamp
    – Painting
    – Frames (Decoration)

Modern Look Bedroom

Wanted an epic modern feel to your bedroom? Then this is the real deal! Personally, I love the bed covers and the drawers and the lights are super exquisite! Currently loving the purple, black and white combo.

Set contains:

  • Pillows
  • Drawers
  • Picture Frames
  • Vase
  • Bed
  • Lights

The small cupboards are cute and exotic and I super love the bed covers and the red pillows. Probably has another modernish feeling to it but unlike the other bedroom above I would consider this more middle class.

Set contains:

  • End tables
  • Drawers
  • ON signs
  • The cute lunch tray
  • Books
  • Cushions
  • Bags
  • Bed
  • Lights
  • Coffee table

Natural Energy Bedroom

I really love the beautiful flower vases beside the bed and the two chairs. And the paintings are totally refreshing!

Set Contains:

  • Ceiling Lamp
  • Dresser
  • Pictures
  • Double Bed
  • End Table
  • Chairs
  • Photos

Bedroom Adele

The dresser is elegant and the double bed totally gives off that country feeling. I love the bonsai like flowers on the side table along with the champagne! Perfect for a nice romantic couple date in bed.

  • Set for the bedroom of 8 items:Double bed
    Arch with mirror inserts
    Wallpapers for the arch
    End table
    Coffee table
    Table lamp
    Blanket on the bed

Bedroom Vintage

I Love the old candlestick on the end table, the potted plants looks exotic and the mirror is so vintage. The bed especially is really beautiful. The pillows are gorgeous!

Set contains:

  • Bed cover
  • Dresser
  • Pillows
  • Double bed
  • Glass decoration (for the plant)

Sinbad Bedroom

The white rugs and the potted plants gives out a total lavish feeling. And the ancient teapot plus the face cushion covers is a way to go!

Set contains:

  • Double bed
  • Pillows
  • Bed Covers
  • End Tables
  • Vases
  • Cushions

Bedroom Neutral

I love the bed covers and the pillow covers. The wallpaper and the tiles look amazing combined with the double bed and the interesting side cupboards.

Set contains:

  • Double bed with covers
  • Vases
  • Pillows and Cushions
  • Lamps and other lights.

Ah- a very natural looking bedroom. It looks so cozy and the bicycle on the side makes it more homely oh yeah don’t forget the cute waste paper bin on the right. Totally loving the bed and pillow covers and the air plane ornaments on the bed cabinets feel wonderful.

Set contains:

  • Air-plane ornaments (uh no they are named as “grand jacks”)
  • Cupboard
  • Mirror set
  • Foot ball clutter
  • Side lamp
  • Cushions and pillow covers
  • Waste paper bin
  • Paintings

The next bedroom set would be updated shortly!




  1. Know what would be helpful? If you organize these sets by themes. Like bedroom sets for the tropics or for the city or for the country. 🙂 Just a suggestion.

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