Top 10 Rick and Morty Mods for Sims 3 / Space Cruiser, Time Bomb, Time Travelling and More! /


Rick and Morty is already succumbing into it’s third season and I have found some more interesting rick and morty mods for Sims 3.  Probably the most famous custom content or mod created for Sims 3 would be the Smith Residence and also commonly know to most fans as the “Rick and Morty House”  . Along with that I think I was able to find a time machine mod and a rideable UFO so it can spice up the Sims 3 Rick and Morty experience as well as some other custom content specifically related to this awesome show.

If you have a zero idea on how on earth to install sims 3 mods click on this guide here and you will be ready to go.


**Click on the Download Buttons to get Mods

Rick and Morty Space Cruiser

In Rick and Morty all the sassy cool adventures takes place in a UFO called Space Cruiser which Rick drives. The vehicle has is monitored by a super computer which did some really ridiculous things in order to protect Summer xD

This vehicle mod is really interesting as it has spinning lights and flashes- the Sims can actually teleport back and forth from the UFO. This mod is recolourable which means you can color it any way you want. It costs 4500 simoleons and could be bought from the vehicle section when installed

Original Space Cruiser from Rick and Morty
Rideable UFO in Sims 3 /Rick and Morty Style/

Rick and Morty House

It’s where all the freak scientific magic happens. It includes 3 bed rooms with a back patio, a nice classic dining room and some extra bed rooms. Some extra bed rooms and a nice den is available for Rick to do some crazy science stuff !


Top view of the Smith House in Sims 3
Little bit of likeness yesss

Rick Clones in Sims 3?

It’s no secret that in most of the episodes- rick was able to travel in various dimensions and find his other selves (oh and morty’s as well) But how to make this possible in Sims? Cloning is indeed possible in Sims 3. However You will need an alchemy station which can only be found if you have installed Sims 3 Supernatural Expansion. Now remember this is not a mod! This is a small tutorial on how to do this- no mods have been able to accomplish the clone effect in Sims 3.


Your sim needs to keep practising their alchemy skills and progress to level 8 – so they can make the mysterious clone drone elixir which can clone your sim. Listed below are the ingredients you will need for the potion.

  • Any Type of Metal
  • Luminous Salamander 
  • Diamonds 
Learning Alchemy – will take some time but you can get to level 8!

When you have found the ingredients just click on the alchemy station and create elixir if you have reached level 8 then you will have the option the create this particular elixir. Your sim will take some time so be patient. And when you get the potion just drink it! And then your clone will appear.

He/She will have the same skills and relationships and they will be able to live in the same house hold and the effect is permanent. If you are wondering to get more clones you could use cheats to CLONE the CLONE DRONES potion so you can get many clones! Oh yeah and on some occasions the cloned sim might have personality variances like it could become an evil doppelganger (comment if you find such a thing!)


Sims 3 clone
Several Sims cloned by clone drones potion – well they are going to die too i guess *smirk*

Time Machine Mod

Rick uses a portal gun to travel in between dimensions – this effect could be seen if you have the time machine mod which opens a portal to another reality!

Rick and Morty travelling through a time portal

 Your sim could actually enter the time machine and bring random books, money and items from the past or future. If your Sim is a ghost (controlled with cheats) then if you go in the machine you can come back normal! If you are a time travelling mummy (again with cheats!) then you can become normal as well. So how does this relate to Rick and Morty you ask?

Combined with the clones and various new relationships of rick using the time machine you can get the full effect of a parallel dimension!

Rick using a time portal in Sims 3

It can spontaneously add new babies to the family , alter the neighbour hood and or change the sim’s career – cloned sims are welcome of course! Please download this awesome sims 3 mod by clicking the download button below

Time Bomb

Time and nuclear bombs are specialities of Rick Sanchez – he is very quick to whip them up. Most of them cannot be disarmed so you are fortunate enough to never encounter one.

Morty disarming Rick’s time bomb

There is also a neat mod in sims 3 where you could set time and activate a bomb. The bomb would be disguised of course as a cute teddy bear.  This mod is actually dangerous and should be handled with caution – make sure to never give it a small time duration so it would explode in your face instead!

Set time and go!

Virtual Reality Headset

In one episode of Rick and Morty – the Smith family was given a chance to see what their alternative lives are like using a VR head set.

Drunk Beth enjoying virtual reality :3

So well maybe it’s not that possible to view alternate realities using a sims VR head set but it still fulfils close to the purpose.  The goggles are kind of like a wearable accessory like glasses so just install the mod , go to the nearest mirror and put em on!

VR set for sims 3 bruh

Robot Drones

Rick and Morty adventures are full of robots – I found it kind of determining when the robo dogs invaded the world. So yes Sims 3 already have the into the future expansion pack for live robots but there is no complete official set for robotic drones am I right?

Robo dogo

Ladesire created a scientific drone set which is pretty cool. Although I have no clear scientific evidence to say that whether they are either decorative or functional, I’m still going to get them!

rick and morty robots sims 3
Some cool drones in Sims 3

Digital Safe Box

Rick kept all his secrets inside his digital safe box which could be opened only with a special code. Now your sims can their own digital safe too. I thank pandora sims for this truly awesome download!

Could the code on the paper mean something tho D:

So using the digital safe box made by pandora sims – they can basically store their valuables. Thus, this makes the mod a functional one. WUBADUBALABDUB (hehe)

Digital lock for sims 3

Shrink Ray

Rick was able to shrink morty into a very tiny size so he could travel inside a dead man’s body. Morty experienced the anatomy madness inside Ruben’s body because of that.

Rick shrinking Morty

Indeed that is also possible using slider mods in Sims 3. But you need to be careful and patient since the sliders can make your sim a total bean stalk giant or a dwarf sim.  When the mod is installed you will get a list of options which is present below and in Create-a-sim you will be able to either shrink a sim or make them extra large

list of options you can choose

How your sims would actually look after using the sliders:

ummm okay and I think I used to play NBA a lot but i forgot the dude’s name xD

Faster Learning Mod

Rick created a super cool cognition amplifying serum  to make Morty’s parents think that he is super smart. But the effects were indeed kinda temporary. Could you make a person smart and learn skills fast in Sims 3 instantly?

Rick injecting the serum to Morty

The answer to the question I asked is obviously a Yes! There is something called a skill book in Sims 3 where you can place it in your sim’s inventory – select it and choose any skill – select any level of the skill you want to increase ( for an example Painting – you can set it to level 10 instantly!) Have a lookie at the images below:

Select any skill …
Ben’s guitar level increasing quickly using the book

Convinced? This mod would guarantee to make your sim get the maximum skills fast. Click the download button below to get the mod

So that’s basically it! I will update this article as soon as i get more related Rick and Morty mods for sims 3.  Please comment whatever questions you have and I will get back to you

Happy Simming!


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