Game of Thrones Baby! -10 GOT Mods for Sims 3

I’m super excited to make this blog post! I’m obsessed with GOT and was like completely shocked to find these mods ok – simply so surprised AF because they are so good! Anyways here I go with my Game of Thrones Sims 3 Mods BABY! 😀

The first half of the post is a list a of downloadable GOT characters and the rest some creative GOT objects for sims 3

To install these mods please refer to this step by step guide I made for installing Sims 3 Mods


**Click the Images to Download


Arya Stark

This was what I wanted to showcase in the first place. These absolutely amazing Arya was made by Kurasoberina and I heard she might personally give you the mod if you ask her for it. Additionally, Kurasoberina has made some amazing re-textures of Cersei Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister.

Maergery Tyrell

Behold! Maergery Tyrell from the house of Tyrells! The mod is comprised with the required makeup, clothes, eye lashes and everything you need.

Daenerys Stormborn

The ever loving Khaleesi created by Pralinesims.

Jon Snow

The New Lord Commander of the Night Watch created by JellyNick.


The Iron Throne

I personally believe that the Sims 4 Iron throne is better. And hey there is a lack of the cool iron throne mods, and this is the best I could find babe. Oh yes and the mod also includes the crown of Jeoffery Baratheon (the menace i call him)

The Castle Black

This is one of my most single favorite GOT mods of all time. Presenting Murfeel’s Castle Black edition. Imagine the all the hard work the creator has to go through to create this amazing thing! The mod includes Maester Aemon’s room, the Courtyard, Extra rickety dingy rooms, the Kitchen, Lord Commander’s keep and all the rest basically. Even if you are not a GOT fan dude try it! I’ve tried searching for a conversion of this for Sims 4 GOT Mods and well could not find one because it is insane to create such a thing. Also on the side note the author states that you should have Sims 3 Ambitions, WA, Late Night, Show Time and Super Natural. No stuff packs are needed ofc.

Rideable Dragon and Poses

Well this was a huge hard find on tumblr. The dragon could be downloaded separately and the poses next. The dragon could be bought under the sculpture section in the buy mode.  Credits go to for the dragons. Fly away!

Dragon here

Poses here


Highgarden Crown

This creation is made by Ersel and has 3 re-colourable textures. It could be worn by both male and female sims and could be found in the ‘Accessory” section in Sims 3 after you have installed it.

Throny Rose Wedding Dress

Queen Tyrell’s wonder gown worn at the Purple Wedding. Retexturable and Recolourable according to your desires. 

Westeros and Essos

Customized and well decorated Game of Thrones worlds.  Expansions needed: Ambitions, World Adventures, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Seasons, Supernatural, Monte Vista, Barnacle Bay, Dragon Valley, River view, Midnight Hollow. Make sure the game is patched to the latest or up until 1.42



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