10 Realistic Sims 3 Mods

I personally really love this post- it was fun to make and to think these stuff exists, just Incredible.

Click on the images to download these amazing mods which totally makes sims 3 a realistic makeover. Let’s face it we want realism in our games.


Yep we can’t live without star bucks and neither can our sims. Comes with stacked coffee cups, coffee bags, bottled coffee and chocolates!


I love coffee- but my bf is way too addicted? mehh

Eat and Put Away Leftovers

It sucks when sims forget to put their food in the fridge and they would always waste time making meals- ALWAYS! This mod will prevent you from doing so- finally no more making random spaghetti!

Finally- what i really wanted when I have a lot of sims in the house!

Adjustable Billboards and Traffic Signs

Traffic signs indeed make your Sims 3 game very realistic and billboards- (they are totally awesome!) and yep you can change the picture that should be displayed on the billboard!


See your Sims Attending School! (with Ultimate Career Mod)

Now when your sims go to school – you can’t see what they are doing and that sucks. But with compilation of two mods its heavily possible.  And the major advantage of this is that the school performance won’t be affected even though you are sending sims to a different school lot. Depending on the items placed at the lot (such as violins, easel’s, telescopes) your sim can use them and develop their skills! And now that’s realistic schooling!

Step 1- You should create your own school lot where your sims will be going to (be creative like SanjanaSimsSudio or just download her school lot it’s beautiful!) She has both elementary classrooms and high school classrooms. Below is her screenshots of her elementary classrooms.

Elementary classroom
Just downloading the school lot won’t work- to achieve this stage in the picture you need another mod.

Step 2- You will need the Ultimate Career mod and then assign your sim to the school lot. This mod has the amazing capability of assigning any sim to a work place on which yes you have to build a lot and then assign the sim to it. 

Click on the image to download Zerbu’s mod or click the link above.

Step 3- This is how you assign a sim to your lot with the mod installed-  


Select Add manual school first
Then add any sim you like

The Miscarriage Mod

They say babies are the profound joys for a sim families. But it gets really boring when all pregnancies go on smoothly to boot. With this mod you can cause miscarriages with the power of a click you can miscarry the baby or check the father of the baby as well!

Miscarriage …

More Online Interactions!

Yep with this mod installed, you will be able to read e-books online, meet new sims via plumbot book, check for recipes, news, do e-shopping and many more- of course this would be enabled in phones and computers both.

E-shopping, e-books and meet new people!

Period Mod

Ah yes, this mod would allow your sims 3 sim to menstruate. As icky and uncomfortable as it sounds it would still make your Sim world realistic. You can choose the relevant cycle for menstruation and choose the time period where your sims could be fertile or infertile.

this is a compiled mod with other features such as um rapists and other stuff for sims 3!

Life Size Pillows

Well people use them for other purposes you get some realistic looking Asian anime life size babe pillow to sleep with if your simmie gets a heart break.

I wan a huggable pillow of Kaneki Ken ^ ^

McDonalds in Sims 3

Yep the Mac meal for Sims 3. Even if i can’t have it my sims can. It comes along with burger shop- let’s make our simmies obese!

The clown’s food *smirk*



If your obsessed with making Sims 3 custom stories these embalmed funeral corpses are just for you.

I would like to see a dramatic youtube video with this one

Hospital Goodies

Yes a real life hospital goodies with this mods. Simply just own a vacant building in town mode and decorate the place with the goodies and walla! a hospital!

Probably the biggest necessity in Sims 3 realism

Baby Stuff

Some realistic and beautiful converted items for babies.

Cute baby stuff :3

Store Mod and Flea Markets

Maybe you were wondering to open your own store in Sims 3? or have your own flea market or bake sale? Fear not! with this mod you can open your own store and make some cash!

Open for Business in Sims 3 *yay*


Sell those nasty old items and bring home some bread!

Sell your Pets for Money

Even though I like keeping my furry cuties, sometimes it would be bothersome to keep all of em and you want to get rid of them. So I was wondering is it possible there is a method on how to sell your pets for money in sims 3? Well, there is not an exact sims 3 sell your pets mod, but there is a mod that can sell anything you like including pets!

click the image for the mod!

Apple Ipad

Along with the ipad you get a decorative microphone, some accessories and a chamber pot.

All good!


Realistic Looking Grass

Gives a whole new look for the terrains with these natural grass re-textures.

Make the plain green terrains realistically grassy and cool.


Two types of really cool head phones for you sims- and can be recolored according to your choice.

Sexy dude + headphones

Repair Tools

A real life repair tool set- good for some home made custom sim stories because of the animations.

The guy in the white coat is the “creeper” heh


A useful tool- acts as an accessory and let the slender silent hill adventures begin!

I should make a horror post soon!

Sea Scooter

This is a functional sea scooter- it says so in the author’s site in russian. It’s pretty awesome for poses and having some fun at the beach.

Awesomely gooood.






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