Top 10 Free Hair Mods for Sims 3 *(female)*

If you hate the maxis hair mods as i do and want to show your sim as a beautiful diva you better check out these awesome hair mods!

I know that there are so many mods out there but these are completely free! Will be making a post on male hair cc for sims 3 after i’ve done with this post 😀

These hair cc’s are made by Newsea who as long as I knew Sims 3- she was an awesome creator of all those downloads. Please visit her site here.

**Click on the images to download.


Comes in 3 recolors- bubblegum pink and blonde.

Comes in blonde,grey and white.

Comes in blonde and red.

They have it in purple/white/brown.

Comes in pink/grey/dark purple.

Butterfly hair- Comes in Brown/Red/Blonde

Retextures in Strawberry blonde/pink/white.

Highlights can be added White/Red/Brown

The classy girl look- White/Brown/Pink

Comes in Brown/White

Comes in Grey/Brown/Blonde

Comes in Strawberry Blonde/Light blonde/Red

Comes in Dark Purple/Brown

Comes in Light Maroon Brown,Silver and Blonde

Brown, Blonde and Silver.

Sand,Brown and Pink

Red,Silver and Brown

Pink,Brown and Black.

Brown,Silver and Pink

Blonde,Purple and Brown


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