Must Have Gorgeous Sims 3 Houses and Villas

I want my sims to live in a paradise- even though I’m not that talented on decorating and stuff- fans have made countless living spaces for sims to enjoy their life. I’m not talking about some bogus boring houses- some of them are very unique and creative and most importantly they are free.

I’ve just checked about a 100 downloads to find these unique lots- it gets your mouth open with some of this- I mean a moonbase(it’s true!) O.o

Remember! You might need certain stuff packs or expansions to get these mods to work!

Important Notice: Please Disable the adblocker before downloading the mods- otherwise you will not be able to download.
Thanks 🙂


**Click on the Images to Download.

GTA V Singleton Club

Gta V is a popular game and  this club like thingy is the most popular thingy ever since EA never made us to access the club in game but now in Sims 3 you can!

Traditional Farm House

I remember downloading this back in the day and it really do make you think of the cows and chickens back at home. It includes a fireplace to warm things up and some large bedroom with space to mingle. And a barn with some hay on the front- where you can keep your horses if you have Sims 3 pets. This well suitable for a large family with lots of kids if you get what i mean lol.

Bohemia- Caravan

I personally really love this one. I mean who wouldn’t love to live in a caravan alongside with a beautiful garden to spice things up? So you get nto a single caravan but 4 of them which has a double bedroom and a bathroom and if your family keeps growing you will always have space to keep the children without using bunkbeds.

Wavera: Pool and Cafe

So this luxiourious establishment costs you about a million dollars in real life- but it does costs you about 200 000 simoleons in the game(duh) Equipped with elevators that you could use this one is more cooler to host a pool party and have a blast.

Mermaids Home: Siren’s Shelter

This was a picked download on and a total like literally, a total must have. You must have the island paradise expansion to get this one to work since it’s all about islands and stuff. This lot can only be placed on an island and not on land but seriously it looks so wonderful I mean look at the inside!-

it looks so underwatery and feels like we’re in a Little Mermaid Movie!

East Asian Chinese Wonder : The Dancing Dragon

So if you have the The World Adventures expansion pack this one is for you. I bet you’ll need to go into the lot mode in China to keep this one on a terrain. It’s an ancient shrine and is totally beautiful at night. One look at the rooms get you into that Chinese shoes of visiting a real sacred place.

The Curve

I like this one beacause of it’s stylishly white walls and architecture. It literally feels very sophisticated. This lot can be placed on a hillside looking over the ocean and it feels like a miami beach house! There’s a big lawn , a media room(a large one) a tiny pond so you can fish and game room to fulfill all your sims’s fantasies!

Bag End- A Hobbit’s Dream

So if you’re a fan of Lord of the Rings, like I am this one is probably the best house mod you could find. Featuring Frodo Baggin’s one and only cozy hobbit hole in Sims 3.

I personally would like to congratulate the modder for doing this- because getting those doors done might be a nightmare!

Warehouse Lofts

This fits you if you’re the mayor or the president *snicker* Two lounge areas/Kitchen/Living Room/Studio Area/Dining Room/Office/Balcony and Pool- yep it’s fit to live for a king.

The inside looks pretty gorgeous and vintage like. And finally we have more space for parties!


Light House Point

Now this one is pretty well thought and creative. Ever wanted to make your sims live beside the ocean in a lonely lighthouse, making out while gazing at the sunset surrounded by wooden floorboards and what’s not? If the answer is yes, this is your chance!


This has a single bedroom and a bathroom with a study i believe. For the creepy side of it the creator had hidden some graves around the lot of two newlyweds who stayed at the light house- get ready to get spooked!

Dinky Dwellings : A Bridge

Yes people! this is exactly what Sims 3 needed as a lot. Many years ago before the mayor came to town Sunset Valley there was this building/park(idc) where everyone used to have one. But, now it’s all collapsed and secret agents stay there to continue their investigations.(jk)

So you could live below underground under this bridge and live your life as a private investigator or a homeless person- your choice!

Sim State Prison

This is a really big Community(not house!) lot- so if you gonna download it be warned you’ll need a  lot of RAM probably more than the usual 4GB perhaps a 16GB with a very good graphics card.

This is where the wrongdoers end up in Sims 3- It has a gym and dirty dingy toilets and a cafetaria area for the naughty prisoners.

Sky Tower

Ever seen that movie “Oblivion”, No? Well I haven’t either. However it inspired the modder to create this wonderful lot above in the beautiful sky.


Two single bedrooms and 1 bathroom plus some awesome view- you could literally see the ground down below as you chill around your personal sky tower absorbed in that futuristic feeling.

Serenity – Beach House

Hey this article wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful beach house. This is no simple beachhouse but a luxorious one at that!


With a Master bedroom and kitchen/game room/study/dressing room and two pools- “Serenity” brings you the utmost bliss while relaxing in the beach.


Unfotunately this isn’t exactly on the moon but on a planet named “Bellatrix” but you could add it on your neighborhood without a prob.

This has 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms, kitche,lounge,greenhouse,dressing room and 2 labs. And this green creepy bathroom lol-it’s so cool. You just need some aliens to get this house full and “mooning”!


Top 10 Free Hair Mods for Sims 3 *(female)*

If you hate the maxis hair mods as i do and want to show your sim as a beautiful diva you better check out these awesome hair mods!

I know that there are so many mods out there but these are completely free! Will be making a post on male hair cc for sims 3 after i’ve done with this post 😀

These hair cc’s are made by Newsea who as long as I knew Sims 3- she was an awesome creator of all those downloads. Please visit her site here.

Important Notice: Please Disable the adblocker before downloading the mods- otherwise you will not be able to download.
Thanks 🙂

**Click on the images to download.


Comes in 3 recolors- bubblegum pink and blonde.

Comes in blonde,grey and white.

Comes in blonde and red.

They have it in purple/white/brown.

Comes in pink/grey/dark purple.

Butterfly hair- Comes in Brown/Red/Blonde

Retextures in Strawberry blonde/pink/white.

Highlights can be added White/Red/Brown

The classy girl look- White/Brown/Pink

Comes in Brown/White

Comes in Grey/Brown/Blonde

Comes in Strawberry Blonde/Light blonde/Red

Comes in Dark Purple/Brown

Comes in Light Maroon Brown,Silver and Blonde

Brown, Blonde and Silver.

Sand,Brown and Pink

Red,Silver and Brown

Pink,Brown and Black.

Brown,Silver and Pink

Blonde,Purple and Brown

How To Install Package Files/Custom Content/Mods for Sims 3 with Screenshots

This is a newbie or a dummy guide for beginners who doesn’t know a single thing about installing package files for Sims 3. It’s really easy and you can do it in a few simple steps.

What is Custom Content or Mods?

So we say the objects in sims 3 are as content right? Telephones,shelves,clothes,makeup all of them are content. So the content you see in your game are made by the game producers but fans all over the world have made really cool content for specific object types and that’s what make them “custom content” Basically saying they are unoffcial addons for your sims 3 game.

Now for a brief example:


See the gorgeous babes up there? They have been pimped up from their skin tones to their hair and clothes using different type of custom content. So if you want to make your Sim fabulous rather than plain boring your best choice is to learn how to use those them mods! 😀 

So they are created with a particular software and saved as a certain file type. They are called package files.

The below images are some examples of a package file. As you can see it doesn’t have a specific extension but don’t worry your Sims 3 game can understand it.

This file will be needed to be placed manually so the game can load it.

This will be the one we are trying to install manually in this guide. Notice the .package extension. 

Another type of package file.

This particular custom content file should be double clicked and you will be automatically redirected to the Sims 3 Launcher screen and can finish the installation there.

Now let’s learn how to install File Type 1: 

What You Will Need:

  • Downloaded Custom Content File. (from Mod the Sims or any other sims 3 freebie site)
  • Winzip or Winrar software should be installed.
  • Keyboard/Mouse.
  • Coffee! XD

Firstly you should know that the most of the .package files will be inside of a winrar archive or winzip archive so it’s important that you need to install either winzip or winrar.

Both of them are free programs that can be downloaded. You should install one of them(either winrar or winzip- my preference is winrar.)

*Download Winrar For Free

*Download Winzip For Free

Secondly you will need your sims 3 custom content(duh the most important part).

I personally like getting hair mods or skin tones for my game you can try a google search and find them or you can check my version of Best Mods for Sims 3


So now that you have installed winrar or winzip you could open the file you have downloaded. Wait I will give you an example of a winrar archived file looks like. (in case you haven’t ever used winrar before)

file name will be different okay? i mean this is for dummies if you know what a winrar file is skip down to the installing step lol


For those who haven’t seen what a winzip file looked like, take a lookie at the picture below thanks!


The winzip icon. Its like two drawers held with some crazy contraption, Well whatever *roles eyes*



Go to Your Sims 3 Game Directory in My Documents

So now you have your files and everything which i have whined about you need to know your Sims 3 file directory. So simply go to the following location. (depending on your operating system)

  • Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<user name>\My Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\
  • Windows Vista or Windows 7: C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\
  • Mac OS: /Users/<username>/Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/

It should look like this(Windows 7)



Make A New Folder Called “Mods”

So you just have to make a new folder named mods just to keep your new mods not jumbled with the other game files and causing chaos.So right click in the directory —> New —-> Click ” Folder” and name it as “Mods”

So now you have a new folder in your game directory hallelujah! so it should look something like this:

So go inside your newly made “mods” folder and you will NEED TO MAKE TWO MORE folders named:



So inside the mods folder it should look like this:



Download the Resource.cfg File

So technically your mods folder has two folders now. So you now to fill it up with another extra titbit named “Resource.cfg” It’s just a 1kb file that is needed to be placed in the Mods folder along with “Override” and “Packages”


Don’t be alarmed- I got your back. This file is completely safe and you just need to download it and place them in the newly created “mods” folder.

**Please disable adblock before downloading. Otherwise the task would be mission impossible! 🙂



so copy paste your newly downloaded Resource.cfg file in the Mods directory and your final result will be this: 



“Extract” Your Mod from the Winrar Archive to the Directory

So i know for newbies the word “extract” is so terrifying but it’s not that hard to do. So you should click on your downloaded custom content file which is inside winrar. Find it double click it and you will see the package file inside it.

Go ahead and select it and right click it and click “Extract to the specified folder”  or you could just simply click the “Extract to” icon on the winrar menu.


And you’ll get a new small window telling where you should put the folder(which literally means extraction lol) You’ll need to change it so that the mod should be placed in your newly created “Packages” folder in the Sims 3 game directory.

So browse into the “mods” folder from the browsing pane on the right and select the “Mods” folder and then click “Packages” and select ok.


Now your .package file should be on the directory, extracted. *pfft* 😀

So now navigate back to your “Mods” folder using windows explorer or My Computer and check whether the .package file is in the “Packages” folder.


You are done! 😀  Now it’s time to test your package files in the game.


Finding Your Package Files in the Game.

There’s an easy way to detect which objects are custom content inside the game- look at this screenshot.

Courtesy of

**Notice the small folder icon visible in some of the objects above? Those are custom content. 


Remember what i said about .packages file type number 2? That they are easy to install and you need to go to the launcher?

Check under the “Installed Content” tab for your installed mods.

Courtesy of

**Installed custom content in launcher would look like the above with that purple star on the lower left corner below. 

Make sure you read the description and installation instructions given by the mod creator as the location of the mod is usually specified there. To my knowledge some of the items can be categorized as seen below.

Buy Mode Items: Can be found in the “Buy Mode”

For an example: If your custom content is a car you should go to the Buy mode while playing the game and find it in the vehicles section. There could be a price for the custom content items as well so earn well!

Skin Tones: Can only be accessed in Create-A-Sim Window. As it can be only accessed through the start of a new family you will need to use the sims 3 cheats to go into the Create-A-Sim Window.

Hair/Eyes/Sunglasses/Blush/Makeup/Clothes: Click on any mirror and click “Change Appearance” and find your installed goodies there.

Ready Made Houses– Sometimes a whole house could be made into a custom content file so when you need to place it in the game you will probably need to go into the “Town” mode and choose and empty space/ lot and place it in the town manually.

Sims scripts and gaming scripts: They are saved as package files as well. Read the descriptions well on such mods. some of those scripts are mostly actions that can be performed by a sim and etc.

So there you go! 😀  If you found this guide useful pleace share it with your friends and leave a comment.

Thanks and Happy Simming!