Sims 4 fixes -EA’s new round of glitches and bugs

Hey all! No post has been written for a long time right? Sorry about that i shouldn’t be forgiven lol 

Some of you must be enjoying Sims 4 by now- it’s just the base game and we’ll be expecting more expansions from EA

Check out those smexy V-necks for Sims 3 by clicking on the image!

Already EA has released a patch and bug fixes– and we’ll be repeating the same old cycle from Sims 3 errors in this game too i guess. Well on the contary i’m not that surpsrised that it has issues already *sigh* 

Anyways happy to say that we at the team of Sims3fixes we’ll be making a blog for Sims 4 XD

We’ll be featuring articles on how to solve those wimpy crashes and bugs and also would give you titbits about new cool mods for Sims 4. So look forward to it everyone!

The link to Sims4fixes blog will be here on this site.

So make sure you hit that follow button on the right pane. 


Emilia Clarke(game of thrones gal) from MOD the sims 3

Happy Simming!



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