Sims 4 incoming!

As the day dawned on May 6 2013, it reached thousands of dying fans of the new installment regarding The Sims. But the question is, when will it be released. Fans have speculated various theories and such regarding the “date”

1.September 16th 2014

What most people speculate it to be. Wikipedia stated that it’s due to release in 2014. That’s what the foreground of the news was, but it’s seems that won’t be happening and oh some say it’s in November or December too. Initially it seems that it’s more destined to be released in the Fall season.  It’s already 2014 is this gonna be a surprise?

2.In 2015

The saddest and the unfortunate date of all 😦 A fan’s  Sims 4 facebook page announced that it would be released in 2015. Well if it’s taking two years we seriously need some good features and a more glitch-free game.


So what are we gonna see in this new installment?

Fans have apparently suggested cool stuff to make the game more realistic. Some of them are

  • Wedding Reception Halls
  • Greedy traits
  • Piercings
  • Difficulty Settings

However what we gonna expect will be something else, The usual Bulid a sim mode will be more fun and creative and you can share your creations.

  1. The sims will be able to multitask such as strolling and talking at the same time.
  2. There will be open restaurants?
  3. The simmies are said to be more expressive and have more emotional depth.
  4. You’ll be able to change their walking style.
  5. No sliders for changing their bodies, push and pull effect.
  6. The eyes are more detailed.
  7. Picking up rooms instead of demolishing the layout.
  8. Voodoo magic? :O and ROCkets??
Detailed eyes.

Hopefully they will be able to give us a more creative experience, in the meantime. make sure you have seen the Sims 4 trailer :

The arrival trailer is super cool too! ^^ :



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