It’s Christmas time!!

It’s Christmas time!

Aaaand it’s that time of the year again! ^ ^  Hope your enjoying all the festivities and the food! As a special for Christmas here’s my list for your simmies!

Important Notice: Please Disable the adblocker before downloading the mods- otherwise you will not be able to download.
Thanks 🙂

1.Santa’s Sleigh

Time for Santa to give away all those presents! This sleigh is a featured download on Mod the sims, and it’ s free.  Notice that he still does not give away presents, but with Sims 3 Seasons you may change that 😉 It works better with the pet’s expansion, and originally has 6 reindeer’s. Find it here

2.Santa’s mansion!

It’s santa’s mansion/house whatever you may call it, a beautiful castle designed to suit the festivities. It includes a Santa office and his workshop too! Some of the content are downloaded free from the EA store to decorate the house, but don’t worry click here  and look at the description. it has the links for them as well.

3.Christmas Patterns!

Let’s say those awesome Mistletoe and Sugar cane patterns can be used on your walls as well! You can basically use them to dye everything christmassy!  you can get them here 

4.The Christmas Wall hangers!

These Christmas wall hangers will put your simmies into more holiday spirits. Includes 7 different portraits to decorate your walls! get them here

5. The Christmas Buffet!

Now this should be featured, let your sims enjoy a buffet with that so called holiday mood, i think it would be awesome that, they get up one morning and their table laid with goodies such as the yule log and Christmas cookies! yummy! Get your free buffet here

6. The Christmas tree and other goodies!

No Christmas is completed without the glamorous and elegant tree! Now this download can be found from the Sims 3 EA store for free, absolutely free. All you have to do is register for a free Sims 3 EA account here. and then download the stuff then. Oh and you also get a Snowman globe, festive lights,St Nick costume with his hat and a Kwanzaa portrait all free of charge! get ’em here folks!

And here ends the Christmas special goodies for 2013. As usual folks, all these items belongs to their respective owners, i take no credit. You can give them your holiday blessings for creating such awesome stuff to enjoy the hols’.

Note: that some of the downloads are in the package format whilst others should be installed. If you are fairly new to installing stuff you can check out a step by step guide from Mod the sims 3.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year folks!!  

Happy Simming!


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