Guides : Legacy Family Challenge

One of the hardest challenges in Sims 3. It’s not easy it can get you frustrated and no cheats at all.

What is it?

Simple. As the title says you pass down your legacy to your heir. For 10 generations.

Rules in short

  1. No cheats.


  1. Start out with a lot 60X60.


  1. Can’t move your household anywhere, if a sim moved out of the house you can’t get him back.


  1. The heir should be of the same gender. it means that the heir you produce should be of the same gender. Example : Minny and Max had two kids, Maxi and Mike. depending on the founder (if your founder is female, the heir will be female in this example it’s Maxi)


  1. Have to build your own house, no placing lots in 60X60 you purchased.


  1. Can’t change your active household.


  1. Can’t resurrect dead sims.


  1. Can’t use ambrosia(food), life fruit (fruit), death flower/omni flower.


  1. Can’t merge households.


  1. All legacy members should have a recurring one trait. (Example : Minny had the genius trait, so Maxi should have that too)


  1. Can’t disable aging, you can’t change anything in the game play : changing lunar cycle/reduce supernaturals etc.


  1. Can’t use game mods except Awesome mod.



Points are assigned as follows.

+1 point for life time wish granted ( all members of the household)

+1 point for a portrait painted. (legacy members only)

+1 for 100 000 points of net worth. (Ex: 1300 000 means 13 points)

+1 for 100 000 life time wish points granted. (Usually happens when you fulfill your sims’s life time wish.)

I suggest you make each column for each category and use the tally mark system.




  1. My Heir died! – If you have a sibling of the same gender he will be heir.
  2. Who is this founder? – He/She is the first person you have created in your legacy family.
  3. My founder died! – Nice! create a new one.
  4. What about siblings of the heir? – they can be kept in the lot and can contribute to the household.
  5. What about married sims? – They can join the family, but they are not the part of the legacy.
  6. What is household net worth? – You go to you Buy/Build mode, upper left corner you can find the furnished value, add that too the money you currently have.
  7. Portraits? – You need a sim with level 6/7 artistic skill.


Tips :

1.Build skills quicker so you can advance in your career. Progressing in your career increase simoleons.

Have many siblings/children as they will contribute to the household.

Fulfill your sims wishes.

Do not retire from your job even if your sims get old.

Save your game frequently.

Custom content acceptable.


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